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How To Clean Wood Floors

Who could have predicted the current craze for antique linen grain sacks? They are everywhere these days, from flea markets to Pottery Barn. Their rustic, homespun appeal has long made them a favorite with the shabby chic crowd. We’re now seeing them in more interiors uses, as upholstery fabric, stair runners, window shades and even handmade toys and dolls. Making your own accessories from them is sew simple, and the results can be high-end for low-cost.

If the hallway is wide enough, a popular option is to have a bench in this area. These come in a wide variety of styles and options. There are benches that feature storage underneath the seat and there are also ones that are quite tall and have coat hooks along the top. When looking at these hallway benches, it is important that the style of the furniture fits in with other items in the home.

The most popular rugs are rectangular. stair runners carpet are long and narrow belt that are perfect for stairs, hallways and a space of time. Round rug because very popular today, but it is difficult to place furniture in a round of carpet a rectangular room. The ideal place for a round rug under a table is round. There are many other ways, such as oval rugs, square rugs, odd and novelty.

Caring for wood floors means minimizing those things that will most likely damage your investments. Such as dog claws, stiletto heels or shoes with cleats. You can remove your shoes outside to prevent damage to your floors.

If you have stair rails, set a flowerpot to the side of the stair runners carpet at the bottom and let ivy twine its way around the stair rails. Do not let it wrap around the banister itself though. This is quite an eye catcher.

If your customer has a carpet runner, it depends on what condition it’s in (is it old, dirty, coming apart?) and what it looks like (is it neutral or taste specific?). If it’s in bad condition, something has to be done, ESPECIALLY if it’s by the front entrance. This is the buyer’s first impression, and you want it to be a good one. So, either replace it (and replace with something neutral) or better yet, just rip it up and sand & refinish the steps – that will prob. cost less and be more neutral).

When all is said and done, choose carpet that you like, in a style that you like, that suits your color scheme. Of course, keep in mind that the color choice of your carpet may hamper easy resale if it is not at least somewhat neutral.

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